Song Stories: Wide Awake

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I was reading a pastor's blog one afternoon right before I was to meet with the worship leader for our high school ministry (Mia). One line about how God is "always wide awake" really stuck out to me. I got out my guitar, started strumming some chords and before I knew it I had a bit of a verse and chorus.

I quickly recorded these cryptic ideas into my little dictaphone just before my friend Mia arrived. Little did I know that this would become one of my favorite songs and that it would really resonate with a lot of people at our church. It also provided a metaphor for trying to express the "present reality of God" - a sentiment that had become so powerful for me with regard to the implications of Christ's ascension, but that I had not been able to creatively articulate.

It was Allison's idea to carry over some of the same words from the first verse into the second, but with a more positive orientation. And I think she came up with the second pre-chorus, "Finding greater dreams, finding greater things, brings my heart alive" which is one of my favorite lyrics on the whole project. This song proves that inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime, but you have to be ready to receive it.

Wide Awake

Paxson and Allison Jeancake

When I rise each day I can drift away
And slowly lose my joy in you
I forget your grace and begin to place
All my hope in what I see

Lost in lesser dreams, lost in lesser things
Bring my heart alive

I want to be wide awake, I want to hear you call
I want to know you more, be my all in all
Speak into my heart, speak into my life
I want to live everyday full alive
I want to be wide awake
I want to be wide awake, Lord, to you

When I rise each day, help me know your way
And find my greatest joy in you
Your amazing grace is the only place
Hope is more than what I see

Finding greater dreams, finding greater things
Brings my heart alive


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