Song Stories: Always and Forever (God You Are)

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I think this song evolved more than any other on the project. It started off with a pretty simple chord progression and me singing lead. As we approached the studio sessions I felt like Allison needed to sing lead on a couple more songs, this being one of them. It was a great call. She gives this song a really bright feel. She also tweaked the melody for the bridge and gave it more of a lift. I waited until the ninth hour to write the second verse, but it completes the natural progression of the song. The basic idea is that each and every day (dawn to dusk), through every circumstance of life (trials and blessings), God is faithful, he never changes.

Always and Forever (God You Are)
Paxson and Allison Jeancake

As the morning daws to start a brand new day
As the evening stars put your glory on display
We lift our eyes to you Most High, joining now we say

Holy is your name, faithful everyday
Always and forever, God you are
Your glory never fades, your mercy will remain
Always and forever, God you are

When the storms arise and trials come our way
When the blessings flow with measures of your grace
We lift our eyes to you Most High, joining now we say

All creation's longing for that final day
Until your returning, still we will say


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