Song Stories: God Is For Us

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For the first six months that we lived in California we stayed in a garage apartment at the home of a wonderful family in our church. We moved into our home in February of 2009. I'll never forget that day. On the one hand I was so excited to be moving into our new home; on the other hand, I knew how long that day was going to be and how much work was before us! We had stored virtually everything we owned in Atlanta for six months...and now it was ALL showing up on a truck that morning to be unloaded and unpacked!

Well, at the end of the day, after my last trip back and forth from our house and the church, I thought to myself, "This wasn't so bad; this wasn't too overwhelming." Immediately, I felt the Lord say, "I'm for you." It's not every day that I hear the Lord speak something into my heart like that, but when he does it is powerful.

I think I wrestle with believing that the Lord really loves me as much as he says he does in his Word. That night, coming home from the church, he was encouraging me with the truth from Romans 8:31, "If God is for us who can ever be against us?" I knew that experience would turn into a song one day.

God Is For Us
Paxson and Allison Jeancake

When we're gripped by doubt and fear
And the only voice we hear is guilt and shame, accusation, lies
When we feel all alone, like there's no where to turn
When temptation is knocking on our door

That's when we call your name, let your love cast out our shame
Know that voice of our Savior rising near

God is for us, God is for us
There's no need to fear, he knows us each by name
God is for us, smiling over us
There's no need to fear, he knows us each by name

When our enemy draws near and our faith disappears
When we feel defeated, overwhelmed by life


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