Song Stories: Heaven's What We're Made For

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This is another song that emerged from reflecting on the implications of Christ's ascension and taking seriously Jesus' words in John 14 - that he is in a real place called heaven and that he is somehow preparing that place for us. I think the chorus for this may have first come to me in Atlanta (during a staff meeting of all places!). It didn't get fleshed out however until we moved to California. The verse lyrics evolved a good bit over time. Spurred on by Randy Alcorn, N.T. Wright, and Nathan Bierma (who have all written excellent books on this topic), I wanted to describe heaven in more physical terms than we tend to think.

When we really consider the doctrine of the ascension, we are challenged to wrestle with the matter of unseen spiritual realities. Most of my adult life has been a journey of rediscovery, cycling over and over again through the pattern of being faced with uncertainty, exercising faith, and then seeing God's resolution. Though it requires us to take risks, it makes for an exhilarating and rewarding life. When I was 25, by faith, I left behind a career path in molecular biology to pursue a calling to full-time worship ministry. At 36, by faith, I moved my family across the United States, following a steady, decade-long pull to northern California.

Faith calles us not to a lifestyle of safety and comfort, but to one of risk and movement. We are, in fact, pilgrims here on earth. This present earth is not our true home. We are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth. Having this perspective on life is what helps fuel our faith. We can hold loosely to the things of this world as we anticipate a glorious future and seek to experience that future right now. When we hold loosely to our things, when we live light and streamlined, we can more readily say yes to the call of God.

Heaven's What We're Made For
Paxson Jeancake

One day we'll walk the streets of heaven
The place prepared for us, we'll see
Beauty we've been waiting for will find us
Greater things, by faith, we now believe

Heaven's what we're made for, heaven's what we're made for
A hope in what we do not see, a beautiful reality.
Waiting for the streets of gold, all your wonders to behold
Longing now for something more,
'Cause heaven's what we're made for
Heaven's what we're made for

One day this world will pass before us
One day all things will be made new
All our tears, wiped away forever
Free from sorrow, we will worship you


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