New CD, "Wide Awake," to be released in June!

We are excited about the release of our new CD, "Wide Awake." This project began several years ago as Allison and I started writing new material in Atlanta. After we moved to California in September of 2008 we found fresh inspiration on the west coast and began introducing new songs every month or so at our church. We entered the studio in February and are now anticipating the June release of our third recording. We can't wait to share these new songs with you! We'll keep you posted!

Click here to check out our website where you can find out more about the project or how to book us for a visit to your church or community!

Here are some words about the project...

In March of 2008 the Lord began to impress the word “go” on my heart. I shared this with my wife Allison and before we knew it we were interviewing at a church in Roseville, California. We moved out here in September of 2008 from Atlanta with a couple of new songs, but most of the songs on this project were written on the west coast. Taking the leap of faith to move to northern California was both exhilarating and challenging, but it is during such times that we often feel most alive. We never want to become complacent in our faith, but it can be a daily struggle to overcome this tendency.

Allison and I collaborated much more on this project than on our previous recordings, and we both tried to write lyrics that honestly reflect our journey of faith. Some of the songs are a continuation of my reflection on Christ’s ascension, some are new expressions of mercy and justice, and some are simply a cry of the heart. We hope that these new songs will become part of your own personal worship expression, your own longing to be wide awake, living every day fully alive.


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