Right Hand of the Father

Right Hand of the Father
Words and Music by Paxson Jeancake, 2009

At the right hand of the Father
Sits the risen, ascended Son.
In returning, he is bearing
Scars of grace and scars of love.

Open up the heavens let us see,
Just a glimpse of holy majesty.
Like Stephen, to behold you with our eyes,
Risen One, ascended Lord on high;
Risen One, ascended Lord on high.

At the right hand of the Father
Sits the Holy Lamb of God.
Death defeated, he interceded;
Pleads for us now from the throne.

At the right hand of the Father
Standing now to welcome home
Sons and daugthers, every martyr,
Not ashamed to be called his own.

This is one of our newest songs inspired by Christ's ascension. The specific text for this song is Acts 7:55-56. There we find a young man by the name of Stephen. It is interesting to me that just before Stephen is killed he sees "the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing in the place of honor at God's right hand." There are a number of references to Christ "seated" at the Father's right hand. This verse, however, refers to Jesus as "standing." It is thought that Jesus is taking this posture as Stephen's heavenly advocate, welcoming home this first Christian martyr.

We sang this song recently at our church and a very interesting thing happend. As we finished singing and our pastor came up to preach, he announced that our CDs were available in the book center. By the end of the second service they were all gone! I have had to replenish the stock of CDs in the book center three times because of this one song! It definitely struck a chord with the people at our church. Hope you enjoy it.

If you would like the music to the song please email me at: pjeancake@comcast.net.

You can also visit our website to purchase a copy of the demo CD, Holy Things. Visit http://www.rhythmofworship.com/ and search under "Store."

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