Wow, a lot has happened since my last post! For starters, most everything we own arrived in California on February 16, the day after our church had a huge 20-year anniversary celebration. So, February and March were spent moving and settling into our new home. April was a busy month. We celebrated Holy Week and Easter and hosted Allison's mom, sister and niece who flew into Sacramento the day after Easter. They stayed with us for about 10 days. It was a great visit. In May we celebrated the Ascension and Pentecost and hosted my dad who stayed with us for about four days. The picture above is from our day trip to San Francisco.

Definitely the most exciting part of this day trip was the serendipitous run-in with Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac) while visiting the famous Record Plant recording studio in Sausalito! That's me in front of the studio in the picture below. Coincidentally, this is where Fleetwood Mac recorded their Rumors album back in 1977. After almost running over Mick in the very narrow dirt "parking lot" of the studio, Allison and I were given a full tour. Needless to say, that ranks as one of the top five cool experiences of our lives. In addition to all the various things going on at the church, Allison and I have been writing some new songs, and I'm starting to think about a third recording project. We have about four songs that we've written since we've been in California and three that we wrote after our second project, Ascension, while we were still in Atlanta. And there's one song that I wrote a while back in Nashville that I've always wanted to record. We've been making demos of the new material and have played most all of them in the context of worship at Valley Springs.

I've also been writing an article that will be a chapter in a book that is scheduled to be published in the Fall. It's a book honoring John M. Frame who has been teaching and serving the church for 40 years. Frame is a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and the author of a number of books, including two books on worship. I was asked to write an article entitled, "Frame's Contributions to Contemporary Worship." It's supposed to be thirty pages in length and right now I have about thirty-five so I need to do some further editing. The deadline for submission is July 4. As with any big project, it's been a bit of a challenge trying to balance writing with work, family, life, etc. I am very honored to be a part of honoring Frame's life and ministry, but I will be relieved to have this behind me.

The image above is of California Poppies. I took a number of photographs one day along the Miner's Ravine Trail in Roseville. I've been running on this trail a lot recently. It's a beautiful, natural environment in which to run, and it's just a few minutes from our house.

We have a new website now too. However, I'm trying to transfer the domain. Until then, you can get to the site by going to:


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