Thanksgiving at Lake Tahoe

The girls and I spent Thanksgiving with Mark and Maggie Little (a young couple from Valley Springs) and their family at Lake Tahoe. Mark and Maggie are from the South so we immediately bonded when we first met them back in September. Maggie lived in Destin, FL. Mark grew up in Birmingham. We found out that Mark's mom taught at the same elementary school with Allison's mom in Birmingham.

We drove up after a busy day of work on Wednesday as everyone was trying to finish up Advent preparations before the Thanksgiving holiday. To get to Lake Tahoe you have to drive through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Needless to say, on a rainy, potentially snowy evening, we decided to take the Peterson's four-wheel drive SUV. We figured that would be much safer than my Mazda Protege. We did encounter some snow flurries as we got closer to Lake Tahoe. We arrived safely somewhere around 7:45pm. We stayed at a house Maggie's family rented at King's Beach on the North shore of Lake Tahoe.

In the morning I fixed a nice hot cup of coffee, grabbed my camera and went outside to begin taking some photographs...I would spend the rest of the day taking pictures from the beach area that was right outside our back door. It was a great location. We ate a wonderful meal, took a walk later in the afternoon, and basically enjoyed a great day with some new friends that feel like family.


David said…
Wow! Gorgeous pictures! I love the first one. What camera and lens?
Awesome pictures! I love Tahoe! It's wonderful that you are meeting some good friends there too!

We miss you and think of you and Allison very often!
Anonymous said…
great pictures!
Paxson Jeancake said…
Nikon D80 with a digital Nikon 18-135 zoom.

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